Apron to Apron

Trailer released at Omni Cultural TV Fest. After a career ending injury, a Puerto Rican wrestler turns to cooking as an escape from the boredom of his 9-5 desk job. Once he leaves the wrestling apron and puts on the kitchen apron, he discovers a new love, a new career, and a new connection to his cultural roots he never knew he’d lost. Or that he desperately needed. In the ring, the best lessons are served with body slams, big belts, and a side of ego. In life, the best lessons are served with fried pork, plantains and a side of mofongo.

Fly Brother

A new travel TV show and lifestyle brand all about friendship, connection, and transformation. Arriving on the PBS airwaves in Spring 2020, Fly Brother features storyteller and traveler Ernest White II as he visits friends around the globe proving that the whole world is our tribe.

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2019 Sundance Launch

We launched Serqet Productions in 2019 at the Sundance Film Festival. Co-founder Denise Barreto participated in panels on diversity in casting and the power of feminism in telling diverse stories.