Serqet Productions

Where new narratives are born and the end of The System begins.

We are the generation bridging the largest generations in modern history.
We were created by “The Greatest” and “Boomers” and created many of the “Millennials” and “Zs”

We were the first generation to be called “latch key kids” and had mothers who worked by choice during peacetime.

We were the first generation to have married parents and divorced parents in equal numbers.

We were the first generation who didn’t surpass their parents financially.

We were the first “sandwich” generation.

Perhaps most importantly, we were the first generation to grow up watching “Mr. Rogers”, “The Electric Company” and “Sesame Street”. The first generation without legally segregated spaces.

The Boomers would not willingly pass us their torch, so we had to create our own spaces, where we have thrived personally and professionally on our own terms—spaces that Millennial now demand we vacate to them.

Our stories were whitewashed, sanitized and embalmed. Frozen in time from the late ‘80’s to early ‘90’s. After that, our stories were often swallowed up by the fast pace of change. Overshadowed by the larger generations on either side of us. Until now.

Serqet Productions exists to capture, and bring to life, the stories of Generation X at all its intersections of race, gender, class and purpose. Named for the Egyptian goddess of fertility, nature, magic, life and death. She is both the giver and healer of venomous stings and bites. Serqet’s name can also be read as meaning, “(she who) causes the throat to close…or to breathe.”
Generation X connects a generation of the past that has given venomous stings and a generation of the future that hopes to heal them. As a bridge between them, we have a unique role to play in righting the wrongs of our collective pasts.

Generation X, in many ways, has been an invisible generation. And yet, soon we are to be the elders of the world. Now our stories will be captured and told by Serqet Productions for years to come while we cause the throat to breathe.