The Color of Reinvention

A Sisterhood of Gen X women reinvent themselves in this real time dramedy with an episodic twist of “Black Mirror” like proportions.


The Color of Reinvention, is a dramedy about a group of Gen X women attempting to negotiate their lives in middle age as they experience love, loss, marriage, divorce, dating, motherhood, friendship, infidelity, heartache, joy, addiction and recovery—all while navigating the “new” America following Trump and the #metoo movement .

The Color of Reinvention is a dramedy with a non-linear narrative that, at first glance, is a standard ensemble show featuring six women set in a nameless modern day American city and suburb. It is a typical story of women’s relationships that exist within the current lexicon of a “chick flick”, but with a mind-altering, life changing—and unexpected—twist. The show emulates the core elements of “This is Us”, “Big Little Lies”, and “Sex in the City”, “Insecure” and  “Black Mirror.”

The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Big Little Lies, This Is Us, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, and Game of Thrones are some examples of shows popularizing the anti-heroes, chronotropes and non-linear narratives that epitomize the television program standards of the post-modern age.

At its’ core, The Color of Reinvention is an analogy for America itself. The characters embody a variety of our American archetypes while their lives parallel many aspects of “The Great American Experiment”. By utilizing the safety and comfort of familiar character types, combined with the plotlines and story arcs inherent within female centered ensemble dramedies, The Color of Reinvention exposes the genesis of stereotypes, assumptions, prejudice, ignorance, miscommunication—and even hatred—within the American Experience.

What makes the The Color of Reinvention unique is the format in which the intertwined narratives become a conveyance for true intersectionality between women. This unexpected format will shock the viewer out of their comfort zone by forcing them to confront their own internal biases—perhaps that they don’t even know they have—in a very subliminal, subconscious way.

The purpose, goal and result of The Color of Reinvention changes the way people see, understand and discuss race.

Discomfort is ignorance leaving the body, and in its’ place new narratives are born, and the end of The System begins.